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Central Heating

There's nothing nicer than a toasty warm home to come home to...

...and not much worse than one that isn't...

Full Central Heating Radiator Circuit installations, full or additional wet Underfloor Heating Circuits, additional radiators, problem solving and maintenance are the bread and butter of every qualified heating engineer.

We've seen and dealt with every issue and possible problem and its heartening to know that more often than not most systems can be either improved or at least made to work perfectly with the right attention and a little maintenance...

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Radiators don't have to be boring

To help keep you toasty, CPHG Services can:
  • Replace an old radiator or install additional ones
  • Install and change Radiator Valves
  • Install a Magnetic Central Heating system filter
  • Bleed and balance your entire Central Heating circuit
  • Up-grade your system from an old style ‘Open-Vented System” to a ‘Sealed System”
  • Wire-in & install new System Controls, Thermostats, Timers & Smart Home App controlled programmers such as Nest & Hive WiFi units
  • Install Wet Underfloor Heating Circuits for extensions and renovations or entire new home projects
  • Undertake a full system chemical rinse or power flush using industry leading cleaning and rinsing tools & Thermal Imaging software
Central Heating - Image to follow

A really eye catching radiator

Central Heating - Image to follow

A traditional Victorian style column radiator

CPHG Services are Gas Safe Registered (Formerly Corgi). Remember, It is a legal requirement that any person installing or servicing a Gas Boiler MUST be Gas Safe Registered Engineer. Our Gas Safe registration can be checked here.
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