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Bathrooms (More Info)

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Shower tray on plinth to accommodate above floor level waste outlet

Bathrooms can be a minefield of measuring, planning, choosing the right fittings, scheduling works...

CPHG Services are more than happy to provide and lend our expertise and experience from the very outset by supplying you with sanitary-ware catalogues, consulting and advising on suitability and practicality of all parts from shower trays to concealed or exposed shower valves, wall hung toilet frames, fancy flush plates and everything in between.

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Comprehensive planning is crucial to ensure your bathroom turns out just as you imagined

We can help design the layout and finish of your bathroom and we ensure everything runs smoothly from start to finish. With our team of supplementary tradesmen, plasterers, electricians and tilers, we manage the entire re-fit without the additional cost of project management.

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Existing bathroom

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During works

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Completed new bathroom

If you’ve never managed or undertaken the task of a bathroom re-fit or refurbishment you’ll be surprised how easy it easy to make a costly mistake. We often visit clients who have already bought and unwrapped a lovely new low profile shower tray only to find that the centre located drain point sits right over a joist that can’t be cut to accommodate the waste pipe.

Or they have an all singing and dancing concealed shower valve only to discover the unit is too big to be concealed within the partition wall.

Or they’ve bought a lovely new bath with the intention of having an overhead tap in the centre only to be told that any future possible problems with the tap pipework would require the removal of the bath completely to repair.

These are issues that the end user, quite understandably, don’t often consider.

Bathrooms can be a minefield of problems but we’re on hand to ensure that everything you buy will fit perfectly, work as it should and look as good as intended.

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Prior planning is essential even for the simplest of bathrooms

Whatever your budget or plan for your bathroom, we at CPHG Services are here to do exactly what needs doing properly, minus the headaches. Contact Us now to discuss your project.

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A completed remodelled, neat, little en-suite

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The little touches really finish a new bathroom

CPHG Services are Gas Safe Registered (Formerly Corgi). Remember, It is a legal requirement that any person installing or servicing a Gas Boiler MUST be Gas Safe Registered Engineer. Our Gas Safe registration can be checked here.
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